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Demand forecasting and sales planning

Evaluating client loyalty, creating client price models, and improving marketing campaigns.

Credit scoring analysis, improving encashment for cash machine networks.

Price forecasting on the wholesale energy market

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Identifying plagiarism in student and academic works and in electronic documents.

Imitation models of transport networks

Monitoring the stock exchange market


Retail trading

Forecsys isoffering retail chains asoftware package which will help them toimprove their management ofstock reserves. Itconsists ofthree modules, one for short term demand forecasts, the second for improving the stock inventory system, and the third for long term sales planning.

The solution onoffer includes the Forecsys Goods4Cast (Forecsys Demand Management Solution) software aswell asprofessional integration, settings, and programming support services from the Forecsys service support department.

Automatic Orders for Products (short-term demand forecast)

Forecsys Goods4Cast software was recognised asone ofthe most accurate and effective systems for forecasting consumer demand and automatic orders. The solution provides for substantial business results thanks toits method ofeconomic and logistical risk management (the risk ofstoring excess stock and refrigerators, the risk ofunrealised profits ifthe product line finishes, the risk ofdelivery costs) which are inevitably linked toaretail chains stock management strategy.

From our experience ofusing the automatic order system Goods4Cast onprevious projects, instead ofstandard automatic order modules using ERP systems orplacing orders manually, our system bring sin 1%-3% ofadditional profits.

Atthe end ofsix months work for Perekrestok, using the Gooods4Cast system, stock reserves and turnover remained unchanged (2%) but the product deficit had been reduced by36%.

InSvyaznoy shops, the installation ofGoods4Cast improved turnover by20% and reduced the product deficit by17%

Selective Stock-taking Support

The selective stocktaking support system provides employees ateach store with alist ofgoods for selective stocktaking onadaily orweekly basis. The list isformulated using special algorithms based onthe products previous sales history.

The system reduces the amount ofmoney spent ofplanning the inventory and reduces their frequency. Italso detects stock which has been entered under the wrong name orisunavailable, thereby reducing the stock deficit and increasing sales.

Sales Planning (mid- tolong-term demand forecasting)

Our Sales planning system makes the sales planning process, beitfor amonth orbeitfor ayear, agreat deal more transparent, accurate and efficient. The system provides aprocess for agreeing sales plans between various departments. Italso ensures their storage and representation, aswell ascomparing them with factual evidence.

In2008, the solution was implemented atBaltika, allowing the company toexpand and regulate its agreement process for sales planning, making itmore manageable and intelligible for everyone involved

Tests showed that, atthe end ofsix months work with Baltika, from May 2007 toDecember 2007, the average monthly improvement inplanning atall levels was 18.6% ascompared tothe sales planning procedure which was previously inplace

Baltika still continues tomake active use ofForecsys forecasting, planning, and budgeting solutions.

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