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Credit activity

Кредитная деятельностьForecsys is offering banks a solution which supports their credit activities. The Credit4Cast (Forecsys Scoring Solution)system can make an immediate and accurate credit reading for the bank’s potential clients, forecast borrower behaviour, and analyse the bank’s credit portfolio.

The solution consists of analysis based on the bank’s credit analysis, the supply and implementation of a rating system which takes into account the individual characteristics of the bank’s business processes, user training and further means of system support.

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The banking services market is one of the fastest developing sectors of the economy; however, the stiff competition and complicated economic situation require the use of increasingly sophisticated technology for client interaction.

Forecsys is offering a highly intelligent solution in the form of Sell4Cast (Forecsys Marketing Solution), which facilitates effective cross-selling and up-selling of banking products (Pic.1) in order to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers and increase revenue from marketing campaigns.

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Managing cash point machines

Управление сетью банкоматовThe number of people with debit or credit cards continues to rise, as does the spread of cash point machines, leading to demand for a higher quality of service.

From the client’s point of view a «good» cash point is one which works and always has every type of note available. From the bank’s point of view, the best way to manage encashment is by providing clients with a network of «good» cash points which can be maintained as inexpensively as possible.

In order to ensure that the cash point does not run out of money, it is essential to be able to accurately predict consumer demand for money. To plan the dates and amounts of encashment, it is necessary to find the right balance between losing money on allocated funds and the cost of encashment.

The Cash4Cast system (Forecsys Cash Management Solution) enables centralised and effective management of encashment. Using this system will significantly reduce the amount of money spent servicing the cash point.

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