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, 2011

Automatic forecasting of repeat sales

, 2010

SAFRAN 3.0 - a system for analysis of the financial markets.

, 2010

Installing a system for automatic processing of orders at an allotted centre in the company.

ѻ, 2009

Installing BI/CRM of Forecsys and Teradata systems

, 2009

An improved forecasting system for the company

, 2009

Implementing Goods4Cast, a demand forecasting system and an inventory management system

, 2009

Support system for making financial decisions

-, 2008

Improving sales planning and buying processes

, 2008

Implementing a demand forecasting and sales planning system

ѻ, 2008

Behavioural segmentation of clients

-, 2007

Implementing an Antiplagiat system

, 2007

Creating and implementing Price Formation IS

, 2007

Implementing a demand forecasting system

X5 Retail Group, 2007

Merging processes for managing the administration of several retail trading networks

, 2006

Analysis of branch specific data for energy companies.

AntiPlagiat.ru, 2005

Internet service which searches documents for plagiarism

, 2005

Imitation modelling solution for the airports transport network

, 2005

Technology to reveal mutually agreed structures which are similar in terms of users and resources

, 2005

Goods4Cast system for demand forecasting

--, 2005

Analysis and segmentation of the client base

, 2010

While they were automatizing the inventory management process at Lama, Forecsys also installed a new system which automatically settles orders at an allotted centre provided by the trading network.