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Forecsys is a Russian vendor of BI solutions. The company creates software and offers consulting services in the following areas: data analysis, forecasting, modelling and improving business processes. The company was founded in 2000 on the basis of the teachings of the academic Yu. I. Zhuravlev, PhD.

Forecsys’s products are aimed at banks, telecommunications companies, retail trading networks, distributors and manufacturers. Our clients include: MICEX, CJSC, Petrocommerce, MTS JSC, Komstar-OTS, HCC, CJSC, Svyaznoy, Baltika, Sed’moy Kontinent, Х5 Retail group, RZhD, JSC, ОАО Inter RAO, YeES, JSC, Domodedovo Airport and many more.

The company carries out a whole range of services relating to the design, development, integration and maintenance of corporate programming solutions Our products are aimed at improving our clients’ business processes by means of powerful analytic apparatus and algorithms which are applicable on a large scale. During system development, the company invests in the efficiency of the solution of the task at hand and the convenience of using the programming device.

Forecsys technical solutions take one of two paths. Forecasting consumer behaviour, as founded on the analysis of consumer relations theory which has been in the process of development since 2000, unites data analysis solutions for consumer statistics. This sphere of activity also includes the credit scoring system, Credit4Cast, designed to show the reliability of a borrower, and the Sell4Cast system, designed to increase profits and client loyalty.

The area linked to the processing, analysis and forecasting of time series has been in the process of development since 2001. This sphere of activity includes Cash4Cast — a system for improving cash management, Goods4Cast, a solution for forecasting demand, sales planning, and reserve management, and Energy4Cast, a system for forecasting prices and volumes on the energy markets.

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